Sugarcane Surfboard

Collector-Collaboration Series

Sugarcane is the vision of Steve Adam, shaped by the AIPA legacy, infused with Steves artistry. Legendary Ben Aipa developed the Sting shape surfboard in the late 60's and when he entered contests he put a blue stripe on his board for the judges to notice him. Steve incorporated a blue stripe into this instant classic Sugarcane Surfboard. Ben made his mark in the history of surfing, but got his start working in the Hawaiian sugarcane fields. Sugarcane seamlessly mimics the color of the natural Agave wood stringer, with a rich wood look and a flawless high polish finish, signed by both artistan's Steve Adam and Duke Aipa, Ben's son carrying forward the AIPA brand.

Front: Striking, dark mahogany sides with perfect blue pinstripes that flank the Agave wood stringer.

Back: Steve Adam signature surreal palms dominating the backside.

Fins: Aipa branded, limited edition fins made by Future Fins

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