Agave Block Tail Custom Surfboard

Agave Series Surfboard Floor Sculpture

Like a symphony, artistic expressions and imagery are visually stimulating, the first and only agave block tail made by Gary Linden 2020!  A collaboration between Gary Linden and Steve Adam, with the natural art of the agave plant. An intricate weaving of the elements combining movement, form, and color. Gary Linden, the iconic shaper and artisan surfer known as a pioneer in using the agave plant as a recycled material. This original artwork is a masterpiece mosaic. A flawless high polish finish and signed by both artistan's Steve Adam and Gary Linden.

  • Dimension: 7.4 Ft.
  • Pure Agave Surfboard
  • Block Tail with Gary Linden signature custom Agave Fin
  • Interior 
  • Includes floor stand 
  • Commission a one-of-a-kind original from this series

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