Reflections Surfboard

Collector - Collaboration Series  

A collaboration/fusion this AIPA Sting Steve Adam creation is a definable abstract masterpiece. In person, one can't help but be awed by the iconic shape called "Da Kaiser" and classic Steve Adam coastal art. Rolled bottom nose to Vee midsection transitioning to a double concave.

Reflecting and reacting to Da Kaiser the artwork on the front gives homage to one of Ben Aipa's favorite testing grounds for new board designs a spot called " Kaisers" on the South Shore of Oahu. The artwork reflections of the water above and below kissed by the sun, immersing one in the experience of the white water and coastal hues of the sea. The back gives homage to the hardwood surfboards an integral part of the Hawaiian culture, moving forward from history to all coasts where the surfing culture lives and grows. Live Your Art!

Signed and marked between Aipa x Steve Adam. This masterpiece is hand painted on front and back. Finished with a flawless gloss polish. 


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