5 Reasons Art is The Best Gift

5 Reasons Art is The Best Gift

Looking to give a gift this holiday season that a friend or family member will actually enjoy? A gift that brings a smile to one’s face every time they see it? A gift that will remind them of you five years down the road? You have to know where we’re going with this - Give the gift of art. We’ve put together our top 5 reasons why art is the best gift!

  1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you gift a piece of art you’re giving a long lasting gift. No matter where they put it in their house (even in the garage) they’ll think of you every time they see it. Art is a great gift for holiday parties as well. Not sure who will be the recipient of the piece of art - not to worry, someone will enjoy it!

  1. It’s Thoughtful

Look, we all enjoy getting socks and lotion for Christmas but not much “thought” goes into those gifts. When you give art it says, “ I saw this piece of art and thought of you” which goes much further than that 8-piece lotion set you bought at Costco.

Furthermore, you’re most likely gifting to someone you know - what’s their favorite vacation spot? What color are the walls in their home? What are their hobbies or passions? Consider these things when buying art for a friend or family member.

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  1. Art Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

When we think about art, we also think high prices. That’s why buying quality prints is a more affordable alternative to buying original art. You won’t break the bank with your purchase and at the same time you still get a quality art reproduction for one’s home. Consider what you spend a week on groceries and eating out - our guess is for that price you can buy a 36’ by 36’ print that will last a lifetime!

  1. It is Unique

The possibility of someone else giving the same gift as you is basically zero. In fact many people never even consider giving art as a holiday gift and yet it’s value goes way beyond that of the usual gifting suspects (socks and lotion). Originality is always a good thing during the holidays, having someone opening up a painting or print is a beautiful, refreshing surprise.

  1. If They Don’t Like It, They Know Someone That Will

Buying art for a friend or family member is a thoughtful endeavor - and there is always the chance you miss the mark. Luckily, they probably know someone that will enjoy the piece of art and they can regift it. (If you’re really unsure, not to worry, we sell gift cards!)

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