Hemp Print Art and Wood

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Abraham Lincoln


Steve is a small business entrepreneur with a life-long passion for art. He and his wife, Holly, owned and operated a successful contracting business in Southern California for 28 plus years. Art was Steve’s release from the pressures of business. In 2015 Steve merged a passion for art with his experience and skill in small business. He opened Steve Adam Gallery in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA and is now a premier American artisan with a distinct SoCal style and vibe. Steve’s art features original paintings and prints on a unique variety of mediums that capture the spirit of California coastal lifestyle.

Steve loves to integrate his advocacy for the planet into his artisan themes, and in his overall business model. Recently, Steve responded to an ad for an innovative product that he hoped might become a new medium for his art. The connection with hemp wood has become much more. Their mutual passion has become a powerful collaboration that will not only create unique art expressions, but will also provide a significant contribution to the sustainable health of our planet.

About Hemp Prints

Hemp is a sustainable wood substitute. The process of creating hemp wood is similar to the process of eucalyptus and bamboo wood. Hemp wood is an American innovation and a suitable replacement for traditional solid hardwoods in most interior non-structural products and processes. Some current hemp wood applications include benches, shelves, cutting boards, trim, window frames, flooring, furniture, picture frames, a host of products from turning blanks, and more! HempWood® has no added formaldehyde. Adhesives are bio-based and pass VOC emission standards in all 50 states. Hemp wood can be stained and painted and is ecologically friendly and easy to grow.
The intention of hemp wood has never been to just create another lumber product. Instead, it was created to benefit humanity by providing a viable wood alternative. This helps the environment by removing the devastating effects of deforestation from the harvesting process. Simultaneously, hemp wood introduces a new cash crop to the farmers of the world, which will undoubtedly disrupt the $60+ billion dollar a year wood industry.

Hemp Wood Vision
Create a brighter future for our planet and stimulate American manufacturing by introducing sustainable building materials with a negative carbon footprint.
Join Steve in his mission to create a better planet. Contact Steve for more information about sourcing hemp wood raw materials for your manufacturing processes.

The concepts below are lifestyle prototypes currently under development. The possibilities of using a hemp wood or hemp print are unlimited. 

Hempwood Steve Adam Surfboards
Steve Adam Hempwood Skateboards
Steve Adam Hempwood Snowboards Skis


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