Steve is a huge personal supporter of causes that aim to raise awareness and funds for endangered animal charities. As a lifelong animal lover, protecting species against poaching, inhuman acts and ultimate extinction is close to his heart. He would like to encourage his clients and fans to donate whenever possible to help raise awareness and make a difference to these hugely worthwhile causes. 


Africa's great plains have been devastated for years by man's aggressive development and poaching. Jada Jo, an artist, jeweler, and philanthropist, and Steve Adam have collaborated to create the "No Extinction" collection to give back to "Ol Pejeta Conservancy."

Ol Pejeta; Kenyan wildlife refuge, for decades has been on the forefront of conservation for wildlife and people.  They have made great strides providing a conservancy for black rhinos, white rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants, lions, cheetahs, and much more.  They have lead the fight to save the northern white rhino which is at the brink of extinction with only 2 females left in the world.

Jada Jo is donating 25% of their "No Extinction" sales to Ol Pejeta.  Your purchase can help save African animals and maintain the conservation for years to come.  


"No Extinction" Collection

For more information on Ol Pejeta and Jada Jo, please visit their websites; and



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