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As a boy living on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Steve Adam grew up surrounded by ocean water and salt breezes. He spent hours on boats fishing in the Gulf with his dad who owned a seafood processing plant. Soaking up sunrises through the palm trees and watching the glow of the moon rippling over the water from New Orleans to Biloxi to the Florida Keys, Steve is still influenced by indelible childhood impressions of watching the ocean reflect the sky.

Along with an appreciation of nature in all its beautiful rawness, Steve's father encouraged him to think unconventionally and solve problems creatively - two approaches that have stayed with him throughout his art and life.

Steve Adam Gallery About

When he arrived on the Golden Coast of Southern California, Steve brought his childhood memories and just $1,000 with him. As an entreprenuer he landed in the construction industry, working in homes along the ocean-front cliffs overlooking the Pacific. He learned about textures and palettes that take their cue from the sand, sea, and sky. His work exposed him to the aesthetics of interior design and to art as a function of tasteful home décor in a county known for its casual sophistication.

Steve is an artist that freely combines his limitless imagination with the expression of his acquired aesthetic sensibilities. His Gulf Coast upbringing and Golden Coast construction experience collide on the canvas. The result is unmistakably Steve Adam — vivid monochromatic colors with a retro feel, abstract interpretations of nature, and a freshness that brightens any room. Looking at a Steve Adam painting you can almost smell the salty air, hear the lap of water against the shore and see the palms swaying.

Steve combines an expansive variety of mixed materials, media and mediums. He seamlessly meshes the conventional and the unconventional with a freedom of expression. He interprets the abstract, painting not what he sees, but what he feels about what he sees. His unique approach creates art that immediately stands out on the wall, and stands apart from other coastal artists: bold, evocative, and contemporary. Like the breezes that filter through his studio window overlooking the ocean, his creations are a true breath of fresh air.

It’s also the reason why collectors, architects, and interior designers are drawn to Steve’s art. You’ll find his original paintings and privately commissioned works in homes, hotels and surfers shacks around the world — from Laguna Beach to Palm Springs to Manhattan to Dubai. Each work captures the coastal lifestyle for everyone to experience.

Visitors to his gallery have the rare opportunity to meet the artist in person. "That's always been the best part of having our own gallery." says Steve. "It's about saying hello to everyone. They know what they like and want to see what we't about."

Capture your piece of the coast, too. Browse through Steve's striking originals, shop for prints of his most popular work, or contact Steve directly to talk about commissions. Make sure to stop by the gallery when in Laguna Beach.