Abstract Coastal Representation

Abstract Coastal Representation

 A Steve Adam painting will often get a reaction from unrelated observers that it makes them happy and that his use of color is uplifting.

His diverse style is Abstract Expressionism and Contemporary Coastal Representation and when painting, he uses mixed media. He paints on multi mediums and uses a wide variety of textures and materials, meshing the conventional and the unconventional. In an unconfined artistic manner he reveals an approach to painting with a characteristic and spontaneous flow. 

Steve’s undeniable flair for abstract art was evident at an early age, when he began to experiment as a self-taught artist. 

 His incomparable representational work combines freedom of expression and raw emotion. Steve’s art captures the very real sense of beauty, and his interpretation of abstract expressionism lends a savvy sense of sophistication. His paintings come to life with energy, motion, and color by combining curves, loops, lines and textures—never predictable, but always delightfully surprising.

He’s ready to create some for you. See his work, including earlier periods, at www.steveadmgallery.com.  He also accepts commissioned pieces, from small– to large–scale.  Call to collaborate on your vision for your painting or for quotes.

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