Abstract Palm Series Barracuda

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Steve Adam original artwork seamlessly blends the essence of California's contemporary West Coast Lifestyle and the iconic shapes of the Aipa Surf Legacy. 

Artwork that incorporates a dynamic free-flowing structure, you can almost feel the fluid movement of color giving life to this legendary design and beautiful palms.

The Barracuda shape is a modern take on the double wing swallow tail board, a spin off of the original Sting invented in 1973 by Ben Aipa and shaped by Duke Aipa. The dual wings on this Barracuda act as variable points of release, allowing the board to accelerate at different sections of maneuvers at critical points of a wave.

  • Dimension: 7'4"
  • Mixed Media on Surfboard
  • Swallow Tail
  • Artwork on front and back with a flawless high polish finish
  • Signed by the artist and shaper Duke Aipa
  • Interior or exterior (covered shade)
  • Can be displayed on acrylic racks