African Agave-Hemp Hybrid #3 Surfboard

Sale price$6,595.00

Collector Series- Steve Adam Agave/Hemp Hybrid Collection 

We are so excited to create the third of five African Agave boards to be released from the Hybrid Collection. Each one of these boards grain is unique, as is the shape. This board features hemp wood circles, accented with Steve Adam's signature palms artwork and shaped by Dono using an Arc Tailed Twin Design for the collaboration. This Agave surfboard was artistically and aesthetically designed by Steve Adam to accent the grain of the repurposed agave block to give this plant that is typically discarded, new life and purpose. The natural agave plant was harvested in Africa, as the Agave plant creates natural fence barriers to protect wildlife and gives the harvesters an income stream from forming and selling the agave blocks. Signed on the front by Steve and badged logos on the back.

  • Dimension: 6'4"
  • Mixed Media on Agave
  •  Arc Tail
  • Can be displayed on acrylic racks

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