Abstract Palm Series - Last Knight RT

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Steve Adam original artwork seamlessly blends the essence of California's contemporary West Coast Lifestyle and the iconic shapes of the Aipa Surf Legacy. 

Defined by the rich distinctive structure of this sleek artwork that has a dynamic energy and awe inspiring palms.

The Last Knight Round Pin 'Step Up', shaped by Duke Aipa, is made for speed and agility - the ultimate tool for conquering double overhead waves. It originated circa 1990 in honor of King Kamehameha who brought the Hawaiian people together. 

  • Dimension: 6'8"
  • Mixed Media on Surfboard with Round Tail
  • Artwork on front and back with a flawless high polish finish
  • Signed by the artist and shaper Duke Aipa
  • Interior or exterior (covered shade)
  • Can be displayed on acrylic racks