Abstract Palm Series - Swallow Tail

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Steve Adam original artwork seamlessly blends the essence of California's contemporary West Coast Lifestyle and the iconic shapes of the Aipa Surf Legacy. 

Flowing angular movement, stylized dimension with a natural sense of depth and space.

The 72 Swallow Tail, shaped by Duke Aipa, is a replica of the board that changed the face of surfing and heralded a new era of high-performance surfing. The Ben Aipa Swallow Tail made its debut at the 1972 Surfing World Championships in Oceanside, CA and left a lasting impact on surfing style for future generations. 

  • Dimension: 7'4"
  • Mixed Media on Surfboard
  • Artwork on front and back with a flawless high polish finish
  • Signed by the artist and shaper Duke Aipa
  • Interior or exterior (covered shade)
  • Can be displayed on acrylic racks