Steve Adam Heritage Series Big Brother

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The Big Brother Sting can be seen @ the Equipment Room at SoFi Stadium, it is hanging upon entering on the wall between first and second floors.

Influenced by the natural color palette of light water and earth. Panoramic vista, vibrant skies as the sun sets on the horizon and SoFi Stadium. 

Circa mid 90's era, the Big Brother Sting is a replica shaped by Duke Aipa son the the Modern Longboard movement initialized by Ben Aipa in the late 70's-early 80's where performance long boarding big turns and progressive maneuvers on big boards. This Big Brother Sting is a high performance longboard at the forefront of performance longboarding today.

  • Dimension: 10'2"
  • Mixed Media on Surfboard
  • Artwork on front and back with a flawless high polish finish
  • Signed by the artist and shaper Duke Aipa
  • Interior or exterior (covered shade)
  • Can be displayed on acrylic racks